PomPom ribbon and a sneaky peeky!

Preparation is underway here at the Haines house. I am getting ready for a couple of fundraising events in support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities-Madison.

I wouldn’t want to be a spoil-sport for our attendees so I am only going to share a sneak peek with you of what we have in store!

Here’s 3 of my favorite things! Crumb cake … yummy! Coastal Cabana … ah, relaxation! Calypso Coral PomPom ribbon … isn’t this stuff awesome! I mean, look at it! These colors match perfectly.

Eeeee! More ribbon. 😉

Ah hem … sorry, getting a little carried away with myself.

Let me explain to you what the Ronald McDonald House Charities is all about.

I had the privilege to tour the Madison house last year during this very event. The facility is amazing!

My assembly line …

The house is close to the Madison Children’s Hospital and provides a cozy, safe, comforting place for families of loved ones who are receiving treatment at the hospital.

There are many different RMHC locations. We’ve also had the opportunity to provide a meal for the guests so they feel the comfort of having a nice, hot dinner after a long day.

The house runs mainly from donations. Non-perishable food, baby diapers, household cleaning supplies, etc. are accepted.

They even have a toy room. This room is very special as it allows patient siblings to choose a toy to keep them entertained and to also feel as if they weren’t forgotten. We have some card kits that were generously donated for the toy room … thank you!

Little man seems to enjoy the ribbon just as much as I do!

The RMHC is pretty cool if you were to ever want a tour. It has most everything a family would need. Laundry room, entertainment areas, toy room, computer room, a double kitchen, lounge, bedrooms, etc.

One of the most important parts of the house is the service project we get to supply. We provide each room with a decorated journal. The decorations are nice, but the real gem is that each journal is left in the room for the next family and/or guests. It is so therapeutic for each family to express their thoughts for others to read.

Click the link to read more about RMHC.

All finished with this one … now, on to the other cards.


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