Hand-made, hand-written.

I wrote three letters today … didn’t email, text or message, WROTE.

That’s an odd thing in today’s society. It’s a rarity to put pen to paper, not to mention hand-make a card. The day gets busier, things get in the way … work, kids, errands. I’m guilty!

I was recently challenged to come up with a reason as to why I love creating [cards, scrapbooks, etc.]. The first thoughts came to mind … fun themes and colorful supplies, joy of reviewing memories in a keepsake book, hanging with friends or even time alone. Then, I thought, it really doesn’t stop with me. Sharing those thoughts, actually writing down words in a card, gives the receiver happiness.

On my last trip out of town, I was chatting with a lady on a plane. We graced over this very topic and she expressed that before she even opens a letter, it’s exciting for her to open the mailbox. Filtering through the mail, passing over the bills, flyers, advertisements, and finding a letter is fulfilling. It’s something new! Writing a letter makes a person really focus on the words they are about to say. You want to get it right, no deleting. The realization that someone took time out of their busy schedule to think of you is a nice sentiment.

Completing a project is sentimental for most people. I am amazed at how many don’t think they are “crafty,” shying away at the opportunity to express their imagination. It’s exciting to help those people find a product that works for them. The look on their faces when they finish a project is great!

Inspire. Create. Share. 


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