Beware of dragons.

As you know, Brett and I have been having a fun time in Florida visiting the Universal Studios theme parks. One section of the parks I was excited about is the Harry Potter experience. I, like many, enjoyed the series of books telling the stories of Harry, Ron and Hermione.
If you haven’t read the books or watched the movies (uh, you are so missing out), then to catch you up to speed, the trio of wizards and witch take on magical life challenges as they grow into powerful sorcerers by the end of the series.
Taking on a couple of dragons head-on is definitely a dilemma they have to experience. Let me introduce to you the dragon. This is ONE of many the three have to battle.
Photo by A. Haines
 Pretty ugly, isn’t it? Let me also introduce you to another, more scary demon … cancer.
Yep, you see, cancer (more specifically, breast cancer) is like a dragon in many ways. It’s evil, scary, larger than life, and can attack unexpectedly.
Why bring this up in the middle of Harry Potter bliss? Well, breast cancer is usually talked about in a negative way … don’t misunderstand me, it’s for good reason. Despite the heartache and despair, the journey taken to defeat the monster can often result in life-long friendships, education and success.
Take my friend’s experience, for example. Thankfully now in remission, she has developed friendships and support she never knew existed! As a matter of fact, she has been involved in helping others dealing with this illness with her cards and also by attending retreats with the Breast Cancer Recovery group.
Want to help? I am participating in another Cards for a Cause event as a card designer. Did you miss the last Cards for a Cause event? Here’s another chance to make-n-take cards while supporting a worthy cause! 
Either register through me or call Shirley and mention that I am your demonstrator. RSVP and PAYMENTS are due on April 10th!
I fortunately haven’t met any dragons. I hope I never will, but I do know friends and family who have, and continue to fight against cancer and all it owns. 
That fire-breathing giant lizard above is the tame one. In the final books, Harry and his friends ride this beast to safety, never giving up and fighting to the very end. Be like the “Potter gang” and help rise up against this disease.
I hope to see you there!!


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