Housekeeping!! Knock, knock, knock …

Housekeeping!! Are you traveling for the holiday weekend? Normally, our trips require hotels and so we catch a few late morning ZZZs … thus prompting the … “knock, knock … housekeeping!?” However, we are heading to the mountains for a traditional family vacation/reunion (I will explain this in a later post).

I wanted to leave you for the weekend with a few housekeeping details. Hopefully, if you are my customer, you have already received your new Stampin’ Up! catalog for those on my mailing list! YAY! Wherever you are headed, take it with you … I know I am, for some extra “gawking, drooling” … oh ahem, I mean reading. 😉

First and foremost, ordering from the new catalog begins June 2nd! If you still have your heart set on something from the retiring list, don’t wait, it might not be there later.

Paper Pumpkin 50% off for 2 months deal is only available if you sign up before June 10th (new customers). Note: This will be a different account in addition to your Stampin’ Up! customer account.

My Digital Studio (MDS) is coming to completion so if you have any of those last minute print orders, quick, send them! I know I have been ordering the remaining discounted MDS downloads this past week. If you currently have downloads and/or wish to order some at a discount, you can select the zip-drive option and use them in other software programs. I, personally, have used mine in PhotoShop and they work just fine.

I’ve been working on a project for my husband’s aunt who has her own wedding cake business. She needed a banner made for bridal shows and other marketing events.

The banner pennants, burlap roses and white hardware are all MDS downloads.
I am excited to use these additional downloads in upcoming projects!

Welp, have a great holiday weekend! Please, also keep in mind the real reason we are celebrating this holiday … for the men and women who serve our country.


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