In-Color bathroom DIY.

Howdy! So, I did something totally off the wall and subconsciously painted my new bathroom in favor of a few of my favorite 2015-2017 In-Colors. Who’d a thunk it? Apparently I liked Mint Macaron and Tip Top Taupe a little more than I thought!

Anywho, I’m always up for a challenge and so I tackled a much larger DIY project this time … a bathroom … da da daaaaaa!

Of course, I’m no plumber so the professionals took care of installing the new tub. My brother Ethan helped me reinstate the sink and toilet plumbing and so, I was well on my way to home improvement happiness!

First, let me explain … the bathroom was somewhat functional (aside from the tub). It just needed updating. The era of colorful tubs and company has since been long gone (sorry Mom). πŸ˜‰ This house fancied the blue tub, toilet and sink in true mid-century form. And of course, what best suits a blue sink … but a blue vanity top!

Here’s an image of the counter being hauled far far away. Again, sorry Mom. πŸ™‚ It was quite liberating to rip this beauty up and out.

Old vanity top

I did enjoy the size and counter space the old vanity base provided so I decided to give it a facelift with some fresh paint and a new counter. I really love how this counter turned out … looks and feels like marble, but it’s not … and half the price!

New vanity top
Vanity cupboards with fresh paint

This is where intuition took hold as I think this color favors Tip Top Taupe. Some sanding, new knobs and a fresh coat of paint and they look good as the day they came into this house (of course I wasn’t born when that happened, purely speculation).

After the plumbers removed the blue tub/shower and installed a more modern piece, I began to patch and paint the walls.

Added wainscoting (beadboard) and fresh paint to the walls.

Interesting enough, the paint I chose is closely related to Mint Macaron. I love how breaking the room into halves and adding lighter colors brightens up the place. Surprisingly, the wainscoting wasn’t as hard to install as I thought.

Little man enjoyed his trip to the home improvement store … wheels … vvvvvrrrroooommmm!
Groutable vinyl tile

Finally, the flooring went in last. It was a bit of a task to cut all of the tiles to how I wanted them, but I really love the end result! The white grout brings the room together, too. Looks like real tile doesn’t it? It’s not! I did a little research and groutable vinyl tile is a much more cost effective option with similar results.

All in all, I’m excited to finish more DIY projects now that I have one of the most dreaded rooms under my toolbelt. Hummm … what to do next?!

Three days too long! Let’s do some housekeeping.

Well, it’s been three whole days since I last checked in with my stamper pals and I have to say, what a week it was!! Moving, unpacking (still in the process), renovation, family and friend time … Stampin’ Up! Convention (in Utah … couldn’t go this year due to obvious reasons) … and still in the process of putting together my new craft room was keeping me busy!

My hubby loading our first of two PODS containers.

First of all, I grazed over the fact that Stampin’ Up! Convention was awesome last year, I’m truly sad I missed it this year. However, as you may have noticed in a previous blog post, Stampin’ Up! is holding new city-wide On-Stage events and Baltimore, Md., and Milwaukee, Wis., are both on the list! I will be in Baltimore … here’s how you can join me for this super fun event! The first of its kind!

Paper Pumpkin is being offered at a great deal now through September 10th (Mountain time). First-time subscribers receive your first two months at 50 percent off by using the HALFOFF code at sign up.

Weekly Deals have updated and there’s a lot of really cool ribbon amongst the bunch! I love the Lost Lagoon Striped Cotton Ribbon. It just has that “burlapy” (yes, I just made up that word) look to it that I enjoy adding to my cards. πŸ˜‰

The Clearance Rack is always a final stop for me as well. Just a last look before clicking “submit” on my order form to see if there are any further savings I can tag on. Don’t forget, when the clearance rack items are gone, they’re gone for good!

Saving the best for last … the holiday catalog debuted at convention and orders go “live” September 1st. That just happens to be my birthday … hummm, how did they know? πŸ˜‰ Watch for your catalog mailing in August. Not on my mailing list? Contact me for more information.

Welp, back to unpacking! Check out tomorrow’s blog entry for my latest home DIY project.

Paper Pumpkin … new subscriber savings and Weekly Deals.

It’s a huge hit each time this happens … Paper Pumpkin is offering its goodies for new subscribers once again for 50% your first two months!!

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a subscriber then now is the time to do it. Hurry, you only have until September and the earlier you sign up, the quicker the fun begins.

Β First-time subscribers only, and not valid on prepaid subscriptions. Just use the promo code: HALFOFF at check out when setting up your own profile.

Choose me as your demonstrator and use this link to subscribe: HERE

Here’s a visual on the most recent Paper Pumpkin kit and all that it shares with you!

The new Weekly Deals are here, too! I really love this selection of ribbon. So rustic!

We’ve mooooved…

I’ve been diligently packing and getting ready for the big move from Wisconsin to Maryland these past few months. Super sorry if it’s seemed as if I’ve been a little lacking in the card making department, but I can’t wait to set up my new craft room and share all of the fun that involves. Eeek!

So, we’ve traded in Culver’s for Jimmie Cone … If you’re an ice cream fanatic like I am then you will understand what this means. Here’s little man enjoying his cone.
This next one is definitely scrapbook worthy. πŸ™‚

Luckily, we missed dropping any on our shirt! Well…let’s say, he did. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of shirts … My name tag from Shirley’s (up line) still sticks. She made these cute tags and adhered sticky strip to the back sides.
Hello. Goodbye.Β 
These words have been on my lips this past week as I bid farewell to a state (WI) that has given me 5 years of independence from a life that I’ve known, courage in work both official job and mommy job, and friendships that stand the test of time … and a move.
Onward to a state of familiar faces, family support and roots.
I feel as I live in one place or another, home is where you feel welcomed and loved and I feel that in both places.Β 
So Hello…Goodbye. Til we meet again!

Emboss like a boss!

Most people go their whole lives just using certain products and tools in the way it was intended to be used. Without realizing it, they can inspire creativity in themselves with a few alterations from the intended methods.

Let’s take one of my favorite big shot items for example … embossing folders!

Did you know that they can be used in many different and unique ways that will make your subject “pop” from the page? Watch one tip in the video below.

Helpful Hints Series 1: photopolymer storage

Ahem, do you hear my voice? Introducing … (da dun da da daaaaa) my first video!
Helpful hints for you to see … exciting, right!?

Tune in periodically for some helpful hints to make your stamping experience just a little more senseical. πŸ˜‰

And that’s all there is folks! Happy stamping!!

Baltimore … Balmer … Balli … come with me!!

I can’t wait!

Stampin’ Up! is holding its first-ever On-Stage event in the selected cities … a new swing-off to convention-type activities so more demonstrators can experience the fun with less travel fees.

Baltimore, Maryland is on the list for this November and I will be there!!Β 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin is also on the list for November and I have friends attending that event, too.

Here’s a list of locations and types of events taking place for demonstrators to enjoy:

Want to join me in the fun of a convention-like experience? We get to see new products before everyone, participate in prize patrol and more!! What’s more is you get to join my team, too!

Click HERE to get started and see me in Baltimore, Maryland!!! πŸ™‚ Hurry, registration fills up fast!

Gift box punch board … gift box punch board!!

Eeek! The gift box punch board is on this round of Weekly Deals!! Yippie! This has been a super popular and handy item, much like the new gift bag punch board! No more buying boxes…save your money and make them with easy step-by-step instructions on punch boards. πŸ™‚

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

Β Looks a little intimidating? It’s really not … it comes with instructions … if I can do it, you can, too!

I use all three of my punch boards. They are really handy to have instead of running to the store each time I need something cute or clever for a gift.

The punch boards are similar in size and usage so when you become familiar with one, the others will seem like a “piece of cake” in no time. Plus, Stampin’ Up! has these handy-dandy videos to lend an extra hand with creativity.

The gift bag punch board is NEW! I guess since we have a box and an envelope board the only logical step was to go with gift bags. πŸ™‚

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

Here’s the envelope punch board. I enjoy creating envelopes in all different sizes and colors!

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

Here’s what I made with the gift box punch board currently a Weekly Deal.

Adorable, right!? Here’s the link to the Clearance Rack stocked full of savings, too!