It’s so nice to have friends! 
We’ve been very blessed to have so many reliable friends, many of which have graced us with a helping hand during these last few weeks. 
Announcement: we are mooooving back East at the end of the month. As some of you know, Brett and I were born and raised on farms in our home state of Maryland. After 5 years of living in Wisconsin, we will be able to raise little man closer to family with wide-open space. 
Back to my story … 
We will never forget the friends we’ve made along the way … long-time pals who were willing to drive our dog back East, dependable friends who keep close watch over our house and are here in a split second if we need anything, friends who organize gatherings so that we may feel included and finally, friends who you trust with the most precious of babes to allow time for work or a much-needed break. 😉
Thank you!
This is just one of the cards I’ve made for our special helpers. I took interest right away to the Barnyard Babies stamp set. This is a new set from our new catalog. I will be getting a lot of use out of this one! I can see this as being popular with 4-H and FFAers as they always need thank you cards.
I, myself remember those days. 🐄

Meet Lolly, my first Jersey calf, bringing home the blue ribbon. The photo in the lower corner is of my brother Daryl and I after a long show day. Dirty and tired, we were thrilled about rising the next day for chores.

Fair season has begun, get your set today!


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