Gift box punch board … gift box punch board!!

Eeek! The gift box punch board is on this round of Weekly Deals!! Yippie! This has been a super popular and handy item, much like the new gift bag punch board! No more buying boxes…save your money and make them with easy step-by-step instructions on punch boards. 🙂

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

 Looks a little intimidating? It’s really not … it comes with instructions … if I can do it, you can, too!

I use all three of my punch boards. They are really handy to have instead of running to the store each time I need something cute or clever for a gift.

The punch boards are similar in size and usage so when you become familiar with one, the others will seem like a “piece of cake” in no time. Plus, Stampin’ Up! has these handy-dandy videos to lend an extra hand with creativity.

The gift bag punch board is NEW! I guess since we have a box and an envelope board the only logical step was to go with gift bags. 🙂

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

Here’s the envelope punch board. I enjoy creating envelopes in all different sizes and colors!

Copyright Stampin’ Up!

Here’s what I made with the gift box punch board currently a Weekly Deal.

Adorable, right!? Here’s the link to the Clearance Rack stocked full of savings, too!


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