In-Color bathroom DIY.

Howdy! So, I did something totally off the wall and subconsciously painted my new bathroom in favor of a few of my favorite 2015-2017 In-Colors. Who’d a thunk it? Apparently I liked Mint Macaron and Tip Top Taupe a little more than I thought!

Anywho, I’m always up for a challenge and so I tackled a much larger DIY project this time … a bathroom … da da daaaaaa!

Of course, I’m no plumber so the professionals took care of installing the new tub. My brother Ethan helped me reinstate the sink and toilet plumbing and so, I was well on my way to home improvement happiness!

First, let me explain … the bathroom was somewhat functional (aside from the tub). It just needed updating. The era of colorful tubs and company has since been long gone (sorry Mom). 😉 This house fancied the blue tub, toilet and sink in true mid-century form. And of course, what best suits a blue sink … but a blue vanity top!

Here’s an image of the counter being hauled far far away. Again, sorry Mom. 🙂 It was quite liberating to rip this beauty up and out.

Old vanity top

I did enjoy the size and counter space the old vanity base provided so I decided to give it a facelift with some fresh paint and a new counter. I really love how this counter turned out … looks and feels like marble, but it’s not … and half the price!

New vanity top
Vanity cupboards with fresh paint

This is where intuition took hold as I think this color favors Tip Top Taupe. Some sanding, new knobs and a fresh coat of paint and they look good as the day they came into this house (of course I wasn’t born when that happened, purely speculation).

After the plumbers removed the blue tub/shower and installed a more modern piece, I began to patch and paint the walls.

Added wainscoting (beadboard) and fresh paint to the walls.

Interesting enough, the paint I chose is closely related to Mint Macaron. I love how breaking the room into halves and adding lighter colors brightens up the place. Surprisingly, the wainscoting wasn’t as hard to install as I thought.

Little man enjoyed his trip to the home improvement store … wheels … vvvvvrrrroooommmm!
Groutable vinyl tile

Finally, the flooring went in last. It was a bit of a task to cut all of the tiles to how I wanted them, but I really love the end result! The white grout brings the room together, too. Looks like real tile doesn’t it? It’s not! I did a little research and groutable vinyl tile is a much more cost effective option with similar results.

All in all, I’m excited to finish more DIY projects now that I have one of the most dreaded rooms under my toolbelt. Hummm … what to do next?!


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