A fair place to be …

I visited the Carroll Co. Fair today with little man and the family. 

The dairy show was today (we have dairy cattle and show them at the fairs). Watching the kids with their 4-H animals reminded me of the fun I had as a youth member. It’s so nice to think that little man will be able to possibly share the same livelihood we grew up loving. 
Both Brett and I grew up on dairy farms and was actively involved in 4-H. As a matter of fact, that’s how we were introduced! Watching little man run his chubby little legs off exploring the barns, animals and machinery made me smile. 

As we were walking around the fairgrounds, I came across a display of benches. Each of the three benches were reserved for signatures for community representatives … Military, 4-H Leaders and cancer survivors.

This purple bench (cancer survivors) made me think of my upline Shirley. She loves the color purple! 
Exploring a bit more, this time in the exhibitor hall, I found some scrapbook entries prepared by 4-H members. All of them, linened up to be judged were so well prepared and thought out … each sharing a story of their 4-H experiences.
I think little man won’t have any trouble warming up to the “critters” around here … he’s already making friends in all the right places. Maybe he will have is own scrapbook entry later on!


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