Farmer … defining the meaning in a new way!

Sunday, fun day!

Since moving back to the east coast, we’ve rejoined some of our friends in agriculture education groups … one being Young Farmers. This group is focused on education, securing the future of agriculture, and for those persons between ages 18-35 who are looking to further themselves in an agriculture-related field or promote agriculture-based education. Have you heard of Farm Bureau? It’s a branch off  for younger members. Neat, huh?
To see the full Young Farmers brochure CLICK HERE.

Thinking this is a fun group? Yep, you are right! Thinking you can’t become a member because you aren’t from a farm or farm-related background? Nope, you’re wrong! Anyone can join … don’t feel left out of the picture, we are nice … really, we are a lot of fun!

Here’s the down-low:

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is the national organization for Farm Bureau.
American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers is the national organization for the Young Farmers.

From the national level, the programs get divided between each state and then by county.
Maryland Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) is for the state of Maryland.

Click on the map below to be directed to the link to find your county … we are from Frederick.

To join Young Farmers you must go through, and join your state’s farm bureau. This fee allows you discounts on other items and businesses, too! Bam…done!

Check out the artsy project we recently created for our county fair display this September. Peek-a-boo … do you see yourself in young farmers? This is just one board … we can’t show you the whole project and spoil the surprise!

New members are welcome to join now! See you soon!


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