Relaxing …

At least once a year the hubs and I try to travel somewhere from all the hustle and bustle of daily norms to relax. 

Relaxation is one of those things that can share many versions of a definition. For some it’s laying on the beach, sleeping in until you wake with no alarms, reading a good book, sitting in a tree stand or taking an adventurous drive. My definition? Crafting … Duh! 😉
It’s only been a day into our vacation, but it’s already been nice to wind down. We decided to take on the beach this time. I plan on getting some crafting accomplished as I brought along my paper pumpkin kit!

Speaking of paper pumpkin, don’t miss out on the 1/2 off the first two months for new subscribers promotion happening now until September 10th.
Head to to start getting your kit and enter the code HALFOFF. Choose me as your demonstrator and receive free catalogs for Stampin’ Up! supplies.

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