Little men and their tractors.

Red or green? That’s the running question between our two families most of the time. For those of you wondering what I mean, it’s been known, some farm-folk are very sensitive to what kind of tractor they drive. 
Little man doesn’t seem to have a preference as of yet … as long as it has tires, he’s good!
However, both of his grandpas try their hardest to sway the notion. 
Luckily for most of you, green or red isn’t a decision you have to make since the holiday catalog has plenty of both colors to share. By now, I hope you’ve been able to take a peek into the pages because before you know it our first holiday will be peeking it’s head around the corner. 
Not a customer of mine? Well, contact me for a catalog to get you started! Follow the link or send me an email through my blog or Stampin’ Up! website
As little man would say, off we go … Vroooooom!


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