The silverware was set out

Each year, one of my mom’s friends (Joyce) opens her quaint cabin in the woods to long-time friends and church goers. The majority of guests gather from the Heritage Circle, a group of women who have chosen to grow together in faith and … well, traditions. 
The cabin fills to the brim with these guests … chatting amongst themselves. For many, it’s a time of catching up with friends, for others it’s a chance to stand in amazement at all of the festive decorations. For some of the more seasoned members it’s an opportunity to dress to the “T’s” and enjoy an afternoon out of their normal routines.
Who’s behind the warmth and glow of these table treasures? Debbie McCracken, of course! She (and her husband) get busy planning the theme for each year’s tablescapes. As harvest season is typically close to the event’s timeframe, Debbie adjusts her ideas to fit the theme. “I decided to make the table decorations more simple,” she said. “Giving everything a more polished and vintage-type look.” 
Each of the tables were adorned with white pumpkins and a fall flower centerpiece. White candles and nice silverware fancied up the theme. Two of my favorite touches were pine cone owls and painted leaves! 
Debbie expressed her excitement for sharing a similar interest in crafting (as I got to help set up her creations)! You can really tell this is a happy form of ministry and togetherness she can provide for others. 
Food was not for the lacking as guests filled plates with a delicious lunch and sweet cakes. 
The fall theme extended out to the cabin entrance where straw bales, mums and even a traffic-directing scarecrow welcomed attendees. 
All-in-all the event was a big hit. 
Thank you Debbie!

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