Little moments count

I love the way a child sees the world around them. Do you remember that? Being so young and innocent, looking at your surroundings and thinking, “wow, this is awesome!” I do, it’s so hard to think that way sometimes…the business of life gets in the way from time to time. šŸ˜‰

Little man is one cool dude! He wakes up each morning, smiling at me over his crib railing ready to take on the world. Ha! As soon as his feet touch the floor he’s off on a new adventure.Ā 
As the weather turns colder it’s not so often that we get to go outside for very long. However, on those days leading up to the “big frost” we strap on our coats and head outdoors for playtime.

The tree next to our house is in prime fall glory with its yellow leaves. Little man loves to send his trucks down the slide right into a giant pile. šŸ‚šŸƒšŸ
When’s the last time you took a dive into a pile of leaves? I bet it’s been a while…it has been for me anyway. I scooped up a huge mound and showed him how to jump in. It must have been funny to see because his smile widened!Ā 

He jumped in as well, with a little encouragement and enjoyed the crunchy noises leaves make…another thing I took for granted.Ā 

When I was younger, my grandmother used to take us on walks on the farm. We traveled along the gravel road into the woods to collect leaves. Many of the trees where in fall decor so my brother and I would pick the prettiest, largest ones we could find. It was always fun to walk with her and explore…you might even see a deer or two.
Once we returned to the house, she would help us seal the leaves in wax paper with a hot iron. The leaves would remain preserved in that color for a very long time.

Yep, just another thing that was our “norm” that you miss about the people in your past. I plan to do the same with my little guy, too since those are the memories you keep with you. I used to think you could never get those moments in life back … I’m beginning to realize that I will be able to create new traditions similar to the fun we had with loved ones, and that can hold true meaning in itself … how fun, through a child’s eyes again!

Now, I know I may have a few of those leaves tucked away in my memory. Going to add that to the scrapbooking “to-do” list.

What are some of your most fondest memories and how do you keep them alive?


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