The bugs … ahhhh!

The bugs clinging to the outside of my windows are telling me that the harvest season is upon us. Some of you understand that meaning … for others … it means that the corn/beans/crops are getting harvested and the little critters that hang out in the fields migrate to the house for food and shelter.

I’ve seen a few-thousand lady bugs this year! They are a-plenty and usually less freaky looking than the stink bugs and beetles.

Can you blame them? I don’t think I can … who wouldn’t want to “hang out” in my “crib” for the warmth … and … craftiness happening up in here!?  😉

Pun intended. 😉

So here’s my fireplace. See the banner? Yep, made it with some Stampin’ Up! magic. That’s from a kit called Simply Created Banner which is currently on the clearance rack for a steal. It came with stencils to map out any phrase or word I wished to use! It was really easy and I could use whatever color inks for the lettering.

Check out this other banner kit. The chalkboard banner simply created kit also comes with all the supplies needed to complete the project. It happens to also be “hanging” out on the clearance rack for someone like yourself to snatch up! This banner can be combined with designer series papers or just the chalkboard sheets to add a little “sumthin-sumthin” to your next party or holiday gathering.

What other types of decorations do you use in your house to make it feel festive?


2 thoughts on “The bugs … ahhhh!

  1. Shirley Merker says:

    My Longaberger baskets are changed with the seasons and usually hold greeting cards received from others in addition to holding my paper crafting supplies! Love the new fall side banners on your blog!


  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks Shirley! I have a few Longaberger baskets to help keep me organized, too. Little man was the first to notice the new window in the house. He's so observant!


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