A room with windows

I’ve been slowly but surely settling in our new house. Much of the “craft time” had been placed on hold until I could organize my craft room. I had a few other larger projects that I needed to finish before taking on that room full force.

I’m still working on a piece of furniture, but until that reveal, I wanted to share my window project.

One of the treasures I seek out are old windows. I may have an addiction to this as I seem to have quite a few. Slowly, but surely I have been transforming them into pieces that I can display in our home. This little beauty being one of many!

It’s pretty interesting, the many things you can do with an old window. I was in need of a wall organizer for our kitchen. I wanted to display all of my hand-made greeting cards from friends. A little bit of cork board, metallic sheet metal and a few pieces of designer series scrapbook paper (DSP) and I was in business! The paper and cork board was easy to install, but the sheet metal … whew boy, we had a time. After wrestling with the metallic sheet, I mounted brackets to the back and up on the wall it went!

I have a farmhouse kitchen theme and these roosters really make a statement on the wall. This is designer series paper that I had saved from a retired pack. I knew I would find a good use for it at some point … I tend to “hold on” to a few of my favorites for something unique such as this project.

The paper is behind the window glass so that I can use it as a dry erase board. Hello grocery list. 😉

I think I will have to use some of my other windows to display family photos. Who knows, maybe I can add a little DSP to spice them up a bit. It’s so nice to have so many options … I may even change them up a bit to coordinate with each season.

Well, now I can properly display my cards and photos while keeping my kitchen a little more tidy and trendy. So happy!


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