To give and to receive … CHEER !! (Adopt a resident)

Dear Friends:

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and fun. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the same experience. What!?

If you’ve been participating in my annual “adopt a nursing home resident” program, you already know what I’m about to ask of you. Please, consider and read further …

With the holidays soon approaching, people will be spending hours at their local stores to find perfect gifts for their loved ones, young and old. Unfortunately, there will be thousands of nursing home residents who will be getting few, if any, gifts this season … it’s not always on purpose, they just are simply forgotten. Many of these elderly individuals have no friends or family and would benefit greatly in receiving presents from the caring members of society.
I ask you to consider “adopting” a resident at a local nursing home and donating a special gift for the holidays thru my program. In the past, residents have been truly excited to have a visitor, accept a gift and hand-made card. Did you know that many residents have bulletin boards in their rooms? Many will have them decorated with pictures and cards from loved ones … but there are still quite a few with nothing. Will you help me give each one that sense of happiness when they look to their boards? There’s nothing in comparison to the surprised look each resident gives when you come to visit THEM and hand them an item made by you! It’s awesome!! I have to admit, I’m a little selfish … it fills a void in my life as I no longer have my own grandparents to spend the holidays with, so I really really enjoy this. 🙂
Since I’ve had so many offers to help in the past, if there’s enough generosity to go around, I will be able to make this happen for other places, too! Giving a little more from our hearts this year, we have 200 residents to provide with gifts!
Here’s where I need your help:

$10 donation = 1 resident

Donation covers supplies for:

  • 1 hand-made holiday card with Stampin’ Up! products
  • 1 gift packaged and tagged bag
(bag to include grooming items, lotion or lip balm)

  • Friendly visit 🙂
All donations are tax deductible (please ask for receipt if needed).
Donations are due to me by December 15th!
Please email or call for donation address information.
Thank you!! 


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