Charlie Brown’s what?

Hi. How was the Thanksgiving holiday?

You know how old you are when the generation below you isn’t too up-to-date with the phrase, “That looks like a Charlie Brown tree” … Yikes!

We were never the type of family to go the day after Thanksgiving to look for our Christmas tree. However this year, we did. After living in Wisconsin for the past 5 years, and not having a tree due to traveling home for the holidays, I was elated over putting up the tree. 
While I have to admit to dabbling in the artificial option, we set out to find a fresh tree this year.

Stories of past seasons come to mind as we embarked on our journey to find the perfect one. It’s mainly about the whole experience for me. Much like a hunter boasting about his target, I take interest in the trek to find “the one.”
Imagine this … many families go to a tree farm with their hand-saw in tow. Sometimes you will see them bringing along the family pet and kids … a picturesque scene pretty enough for a Christmas card. Then, all of a sudden, birds singing their pretty songs are interrupted by a barbaric “put put put … ruaaaannnaaa” and a large cloud of smoke. People frozen in their disbelief gawk to where the sound is coming from amid the trees. 

Yep, that’s my family. Chainsaw ripping away at the base of the tree. That wasn’t the only thing we had to look forward to embarrassment as kids, but one year my dad had the teeth to the saw on backwards, thus causing the largest cloud of smoke that even American Indians could see across the prairie!
Worried their tree farm was engulfed in flames, employees came running. Embarrassing!

But, it’s a memory that we all look back on and laugh. Another fond memory comes to mind … one of my grandparents used to hook up the tractor and hay wagon to take us along to look for trees in the woods. Well, we were able to do the same thing this year.

See my brother with the chainsaw? Hha!

After a few hours, we found our tree. I couldn’t be more excited!!

I’ve got some special decorations for it in mind. Check back for that later. 

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