JOY! (and glitter … shudder!)


What a word.

(noun. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.)

Love it !! I shared the fun we had choosing our Christmas tree in my last blog post. I also promised to show you the end result of our decorating, too. Here it is!

Little man even added a toy car to the base of the tree to make it more realistic, I guess … haha! 🙂

Look closely, do you see Stampin’ Up! products? I snagged a few things from the holiday catalog before it retires on January 4th.

Gold ribbon makes a sparkling addition to my tree. I found these clear glass ornaments from the craft store are added some cool things like this snazzy ribbon.

Don’t forget the designer series paper! Did you know it was on sale during the online extravaganza? Well, i took some of the holiday paper and rolled it to make them more chunky and slid them into the ornaments. I love how they settle to the bottom like snow so you can see the lights of the tree clearly.

I even watched some Christmas shows while doing this little project. So easy! The hubby was laughing at me as I placed scrap paper around the coffee table and couch to block off any glitter that may escape. I’m serious people … glitter and I do not get along.

 Of course, I despise glitter, but I broke that fear and used it on many of my ornaments … shudder! Using glitter on the INSIDE of the ornaments was perfect. You get it to adhere to the inside of the ornament by adding a few drops of mop glow (cleaning product) and swirling it around the inside of the glass to get full coverage and drain the excess. Then, using your paper scraps as a funnel, pour the glitter inside the ornament and swirl covering the whole inside. Pour out the remainder of the glitter into the container for use later. Bam … done!

Tree is beautiful.


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