Cookies, cedar and deals.

It’s been proven in the holiday catalog and will stand true in the occasions catalog, too, that the Precision Base Plate will intricately punch out those “hard-to-cut” designs we love so much! With the occasions catalog debuting just around the corner, and the help from a small brush (you’ll learn more about that later), I would say if you liked those types of dies then the Precision Base Plate is for you! AND it’s on the weekly deals!!

Something a little more non-precise was accomplished by my crew this past weekend. My craft group made fresh holiday wreaths and swags. They turned out beautiful and there was enough cedar to go around, too! Here’s what I did with the remainder of it. It was all over the place .. haha!

My sister visited this weekend, too. We made cookies, cookies and more cookies … yum!

We had so many cookies made they were coming out of our ears. Don’t worry, I shared. 😉

Little man loves cookies. He was waiting patiently for them to bake. He even brought his stool out from the bathroom to sit in front of the oven.

Here he is again enjoying his “tookie” as he would say. Of course, in his own fashion, he’s sitting inside the cupboard keeping a close eye on the baking.


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