Thirty ladies dancing…

Have you guessed yet? I’m referring to a weekender in the Big Apple. My sis and I surprised my mom with a trip to New York City this Christmas. It’s always been on the bucket list to see the city lit up during the holidays.

Our mom has never been to see a show at Radio City Music Hall. The rockettes were the perfect entertainment for this time of year.
They performed many numbers flawlessly, but my favorite was the “wooden soldiers” routine.

A must see with surprises around every corner (literally)! 

Of course, no self-respecting rockett performance would be without their trademark eye-high kick line.
The rest of the day was filled with touristy activities. One being a visit to Rockefeller Center to check out the tree and ice rink. Here’s a picture of the tree.

Oops! How’d that get in there? Just kidding, that’s my second card design (kit) for the adopt a resident program. Just a reminder that everyone needs a little cheer this time of year, too!
Ok, back to NYC! 

Here’s the real tree! I bet it’s amazing at night. Our next stop was St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Such a pretty church … And large!

A stop at Grand Central Station ended our sightseeing for the day and we were off to catch another show.

Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” was a request from mom. The famous “Riverdance” star was on Broadway completing his 20-plus years of performances with “Lord of the Dance” and only makes a final stage appearance at the end of the show. 
Of course, he watches his performers just like anyone who purchased a ticket, in the audience, slipping into the back row once the lights dim down. 
Well folks, we were in the back row and to our surprise, he himself and his wife sat right next to my mom! She about melted right there in her seat. 
It wouldn’t be any better if we had planned it ourselves! What’s more, he offered mom a drink and actually had a mini conversation about the show. 

Check! Another item on mom’s bucket list complete. You have no idea people, no idea! 
Whew, how are we going to top the next day?

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