Carlo’s, cubs and Charlie Brown !

The second full day of our NYC excursion consisted of many unique events! If you missed No. 1, then click HERE to get up to speed.

After a visit to the “ground zero” memorial (in which I will cover in a separate post since it is deserving of our full attention), we took to the streets of New York and found ourselves at the ever famous Macy’s. You know, the same Macy’s who hosts the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Yep, that one!

My sister, Hannah photobombing my mom. šŸ™‚

It was pretty decked out in true Christmas form. Shoppers were bustling about, busily coming and going. We stopped at “Santa’s floor” after taking a rather old-type wooden escalator. I expected to see what I remember from movies, (most famously, The Christmas Story, except that was at Higbee’s Store) when we arrived at a long, long, long line full of kids and battered looking parents. Yep, if you’ve ever seen the above movie then you will be able to envision our view. Here’s a clip from the movie.

Ha Ha Ha! As we were spectating, there was a point in the line where this teenage boy dressed as an elf looked scared. I would have been, too! šŸ˜‰

Speaking of kids … do you remember these guys? The Peanuts gang is celebrating 50 years of A Charlie Brown Christmas. How cool!Ā 

Macy’s shopping bag with Peanuts characters.

I don’t want to ruin Christmas for my family so I won’t tell you what we bought … but I will show you some neat ornaments that I found on our stroll. Paper ornaments of course!

This Christmas tree was a pretty cute idea. I could see myself easily figuring out how to make this tree. Maybe I will add one like it to my ornaments for next year.

Another cute paper ornament I found was this wreath.

Adorned with cute mini roses, this wreath could be made out of any of our designers series papers!

We went to another show … a Broadway show! I’ve only ever seen one actual Broadway performance in NYC years ago on a high school trip with my choir. Hannah saw Disney’s The Lion King when she was visiting France and highly recommended we see the show. I was not disappointed! The costumes and amount of coordination it must have took to prepare this show was amazing.

After all the walking and seeing, we found ourselves with the munchies. Lucky for us, Carlo’s Bakery was only a block from our hotel. Yum!

Sound familiar? Well, if you’ve ever seen the TLC show Cake Boss then you will know that Carlo’s Bakery is actually a family-based shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, and grew into a larger scale bake shop after becoming popular from their sweet treats and the show.

Don’t think for a second that their quality dropped with their fame and expansion because what we ate (confession: we went back a second night) was delicious!

The shop is noted for their famous “lobster tails” and they are wonderful. HERE’S A CLIP with Carlo’s Master Baker “Buddy” making the pastry.

Well, we had a blast this day, too. Check in next post for a sincere “thank you” to our troops.


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