The last pillar.

Our trip to NYC was a memorable one. We saw pretty much everything we wanted to visit, including the “ground zero” 9/11 World Trade Center memorial.

Since that horrific day, I felt indifferent to visiting a location where so many people perished. I wasn’t sure how I would feel or what I would think. However, I’m glad I went …

Upon arriving at the location, you are quickly reminded of the life lost. Two large pools encompass the spots where each building sat, names of the fallen engraved in the memorial walls. So very sad.

We entered into a memorial center, a museum (if you will) of our nation’s history describing the reality of the attack on U.S. soil. We watched a short video of our President [George W. Bush] at the time explaining how he was never expecting to be a “wartime” President.

The Mayor of New York shared his thoughts well, “It was a time of complete loss and pain, but from the ashes arose a spirit of unity from our nation. Helping each other, without thought to race, religion or differences … just wanting to mend.”

The museum was impressive in how they paid respect to the fallen. The “last pillar” seen in the picture above was the actual last structure standing. Loved ones decorated the pillar with pictures, flowers, letters and emergency unit numbers. The fallen emergency responders were memorialized in many areas, especially this structure.

Two rooms, representing each tower were full of pictures and stories of loved ones lost. It really took my breath away … to see how many people were on the walls. It was a never-ending list of young and old … not only from the two towers, but from the planes and Pentagon as well.

There is no arguing this was truly an overwhelming loss for the American people … still to this day. So many people, so many loved ones will be missed this holiday season. The strain continues with our service men and women who fight for our freedoms. We are lucky to be so fortunate to live in this land as so many in other countries suffer. I fear we are losing sight of our unity. Hate and fear is an awful thing … this picture above shows what it can do.

I encourage you to reach out to someone who is missing a loved one this holiday season (or anytime). Not everyone is in overwhelming happiness this time of year. I will always think about the words from the New York Mayor, “Helping each other, without thought to race, religion or differences … just wanting to mend.” Say a prayer for this nation.

People always seem to find a way to be uplifted in times of tragedy. This is the new tower, standing watch over the two memorial pools.

Hug your family and close friends.


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