You won’t believe what I did!

It’s been a little snowy here on the East Coast, but we’re back to warmer temperatures so that means I can work on projects in the shed.

I have been meaning to add a little more decor to my bare walls so I made this picture frame out of an old window during our blizzard.

I’ve finally found a way to showcase a few of my favorite photography shots all in one place.
You might not be able to see, but the photos are bordered with green burlap.
I wanted to add something more to the ends to bring it all together so I decided to make shutters.

These are fairly easy, I visited Lowe’s and grabbed a few boards and screwed them together to make it look like a shutter.

I stained them and they turned out pretty nice!
I’m debating if I should add mason jar lanterns to them, but we will see … What do you think?


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