Refurbish your storage space!

Where do you store all of your stamp sets? Are they on a shelf? Are they in containers? Mine are in a restored china cabinet. 
I scored this cabinet from a very good friend (thanks friend!) … I really wish I took a “before” photo. Just imagine it in all one light-wood color with doors on the top part. Anyway, since our move this past summer, I have designated a spare room to my craft space. YAY! 
I really wanted something to store my stamp sets in so that I could easily see what they are … this is the key to using them more often, knowing what you have, right!?

I had never tried chalk paint before so I was dying to give it a whirl. I dismantled and sanded the whole piece down, then went-to-town staining what you see in the picture. Then came the chalk paint! It was quite easy to do, I put one coat on and it stuck without problems.

I wanted to give it the “country” look so I removed the wooden panels that enclosed the bottom doors and replaced them with chicken wire. I thought the silver look of the chicken wire was too contrasting with the theme I was trying for, so I spray painted them black.

I also decided to keep the doors on the top off of the piece so that I could easily see the stamp sets I have or later on add different shelving bins.

I also added these cute little knobs to the doors to add a little more charm.

Here it is, the final reveal! I am quite happy with how it turned out!

Check back for more “renovations” to the craft space at a later date.


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