Class … Cottage Greetings!

Last month’s kit class was a big hit, so I am offering another opportunity for you to make some cards just in time for spring!

Introducing our kit of the month … Cottage Greetings Card kit.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.17.54 AM

RSVP and prepay deadline: Monday, April 11

Class fee: $25 (Includes kit, use of my inks, stamps, adhesives and class supplies.)

Class held: April 26

Come and hang out at my place while we construct the 15 cards. Since the coordinating stamp set, ink and adhesives are sold separately, use mine!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.18.05 AM

Create a stack of all-occasion cards. Make them all and use them later for events and celebrations. Complete the kit using the Cottage Greetings Stamp Set (item 138940). Instructions included.

* Makes 15 cards, 5 each of 3 designs
* Card bases are printed and scored
* 15 envelopes and silver foil liners
* Includes die-cut accents, foil accents, baker’s twine, Stampin’ Dimensionals, wood sheets, self-adhesive enamel dots, and sequins

Can’t attend but still want to make the kit? Go ahead and RSVP, prepay and I will meet you when you are available.

These classes are a great way to enjoy the fun of stamping without having to own all of the products. Not everyone always has the time to dedicate to their craft room, so this is the perfect solution to those one-time stampers who enjoy the products, but don’t have the room to store them. As always, it’s also the perfect opportunity for those stamping veterans to share their creative juices!


  1. RSVP and PREPAY by the deadline to reserve your spot to allow your kit to arrive in time for class. Email, call or message me for payment instructions.
  2. If enough orders are generated from class, hostess rewards will be divided among attendees who purchase their kit through me.
  3. Bring your own container/bag to carry your cards home with you.
  4. Kits ordered will not be refunded. Alternate dates can be made for me to assist you.
  5. Have fun!!


Newbie, new!

We got an announcement in the mail a week or two ago. Not the type of announcement you would typically expect, but one I like very much. The announcement was introducing a fluffy little puppy. This…

Source: Newbie, new!

Newbie, new!

We got an announcement in the mail a week or two ago. Not the type of announcement you would typically expect, but one I like very much. The announcement was introducing a fluffy little puppy.


This is Bumble. Isn’t he a cutie?! He’s the new kid on the block. He belongs to some of my friends from Wisconsin, Shawny and Terry. They are truly excited to welcome this little nugget into their homes and have done a fabulous job of making this awesome card.

Speaking of newbies, I have some new Weekly Deals for you all.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.29.40 PM

These are nice and handy to have around when you are crafting!

Guess what!? The Weekly Deals are going to be changing soon. Stampin’ Up! has hinted that they will be putting a new twist on the deals page. Stay tuned!

Found ’em!

Did you have a good Easter? We did!

After church, we went to my parents’ house and ate until we were about to pop.

We went with my family to church … it was fun to see my niece in her Easter outfit!



Here we are with the little guy. He was really very excited to wear his new suit … and he looked adorable, but I’m a biased mom. 😉




As you gathered, we dyed Easter eggs … Riley had a blast. He put his whole hand in the cups. It was interesting to see what he was going to think of the eggs in the food coloring.



He seemed to enjoy himself very much! I think he liked dropping the eggs in the colorful water.


After we finished the eggs, we set out to hide them outside. Since the little guy isn’t used to the whole concept of Easter egg hunting, we decided to place them places he would obviously see them … like the tractor tires and steps. HA!


He did a pretty good job finding them, however, each one he found he had to crack.


Then we got bored and he decided to rake them all.


Ah well, here’s what’s left of the great hunt. At least he (and we) had fun!

How to pick up chicks

We’ve all seen that T-shirt, right?

The one where they play a trick on your mind, leading you to think about one thing and then you see the stick-figure man bending over to pick up a baby chicken. I have to admit, it’s sorta cute.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 12.14.39 AMLately, there’s been a lot of talk about peeps (baby chickens) at my house. When I was a pip-squeak, I remember “picking up” peeps at my grandparent’s farm. Spring always meant that we would go to the local feed store and the peeps would be awaiting us in boxes … loud little “peep, peep, peeps” could be heard from the enclosure. My brother and I would watch my grandmother (Ruby Moxley) fix their coop with a heat lamp, feed and water. It was fun to hear them “pitter-patter” under the large lamp, scurrying about, checking out their new home.

At times we would sneak into the coop and scoop up some of the birds. My brother Daryl on one side of the coop and I on the other, ready to grab one that stuck out from under the lamp. We were careful to hold them gently, admiring their fuzziness. I remember wrapping them in my shirt, they’d get so lazy from the warmth and almost fall asleep.



Ah, those were the days! The much more innocent and simple life of a child. On occasion, just like any animal, we would learn the “everything has a life and an end” lesson. Sad, but true, one or two wouldn’t “make it” … and like the gentle sole my grandfather (Maloy Moxley) was, he’d dig a small hole in the earth and kneel next to his grandchildren and we’d have a funeral for the lost peep. Seems silly, but looking back, he must have been proud of us to learn these lessons.

My grandmother (MeMaw) loved her chickens. Don’t get me wrong, they had a purpose just like any animal on the farm and she played that role through to the end. She enjoyed watching the chickens strut through the yard, pecking away at the dirt. She would chuckle over how one would see something like a bug move in the distance … one hen would run after it, and the others would follow in a giant heap of feathers, cackling as if they were going to miss something important! She always kept a rooster, who consistently seemed to be dubbed as “Roy.” He would crow and flap his mighty wings for his lady folk. “MeMaw” would catch them scratching away at her flowers and she would chase them away with her broom.


One of the chores we were allowed to help with was to collect the eggs from the hen house. Sometimes there would be an old hen sitting on her eggs, being stingy about giving them up. One of us would stick our hand in the nest to retrieve them and she would peck us out of the coop. My grandmother wouldn’t tolerate that nonsense, she was fearless … she’d grab the hen and send her flapping outside to greet the day! Ha!


I miss those days.

I think Easter reminds me of them the most. Spring days on the farm, new life rising from the earth. Their farm seemed timeless, untouched from the outside world.  My grandmother’s brown eggs would make the prettiest dyed colors. After lunch, we would clear the table for the small teacups she filled with colors. Excitement grew as the adults hid the eggs outside in trees, bushes and fence posts. My siblings and cousins would race to fill our baskets with the eggs we had found.


I enjoyed those days, and hold them close in my heart.

I am happy my son can make memories with his own grandparents, too. Recently, he and his “MeMaw” went to the feed co-op and saw the baby peeps for “chick days.” As you can imagine, he was quite interested in the sights!


Later that week, we took a trip to the livestock auction … another first for the little man. Lot’s to see and hear … animals and people ever so busy.



I hope you get to make some memories with family and friends this Easter holiday. Enjoy today’s card design as I think it will remind you of those fuzzy little peeps.

peep card

Want to see what I used to make these adorable cards? The stamp set and designer series paper are Sale-A-Bration items … you can still earn a FREE item up until March 31st!

Well, since it’s Easter … let’s end this show with a little Dolly Parton and her famous song, “He’s Alive” … Happy Easter!

The day of the cross

Good Friday to you and your family.

When you hear the words “Good Friday” what first comes to mind? For me, it’s the cross. A day of sadness and sorrow, but also happiness and hope. The cross or crucifix is a symbol of so many emotions … on this day, the Lord’s son died for us so that we could live a new life again.

If you think about it, each of us carry a cross.

Sometimes it seems and feels that we have a cross or crosses to bare that are just unavoidable. It feels and seems sometimes that regardless of what path you take, regardless of what decision you make, regardless of what you try to do, there just seems to be a cross that’s in the way.


Many of our crosses are a challenge we have to face, it’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable. Crosses are not comfortable, they were not designed to be effortless. Life crosses are not without anxiety, they are not worry free. Crosses interrupt your happiness, keeps you awake when you should be asleep, they can cause pain, they can impact your health, family and friends.

Jesus was no different. Sometimes you need a little help with your cross. Just as Simon was asked to bear the weight of Jesus’ cross, we have those in our lives who are there to help bear our burdens. This is likely what God wants, he wants us to help one another.

I’m so thankful for my family and friends, the ones who help me bear my crosses. Today is the day of the cross, the ultimate sacrifice given by our savior … let’s remember the importance of Good Friday … let’s remember who help us bear our crosses.

DIY … Did it Ya’ll

I love DIY projects. I enjoy the “do it yourself” attitude, the feeling you get once you’ve accomplished something you wouldn’t otherwise be expected to do. I call that kind of DIY … “Did it Ya’ll.” 😉

There’s been many projects that once I begin, I start thinking to myself, what in the world am I doing!? However, after the power of researching online with fellow bloggers and visiting my neighborhood Lowe’s and Home Depot for a quick chat, I usually come out on top. Of course, with a little guy always in tow, it takes me a bit longer to complete a project.


Lillian Hood

I’ve always been more of a crafting-type person. Memory keeping and card making comes easier to me. If you are ever visiting us stop and take a look at my scrapbooks, they are quite fun to look through, not only for the old pictures, but the page layouts. I think I became interested in memory keeping from my grandmother (left). She kept a large library of memory albums in what we dubbed the “picture room.” Not only did she keep albums, but the “picture room” was filled with framed photo upon photo, carefully laid out in a meticulous fashion in a large array of bookshelves. She was always careful to have all of her family included … each of us, siblings, grandkids, cousins, great grandkids had an album designated to accomplishments, baptisms, birthday parties, outside fun, and so forth. If you are familiar to memory keeping, you will know from experience that it takes some time to gather all of the photos and create layouts. There was no level of “tools” we use today, back then … if only there was Project Life supplies, sigh! So, as you can tell, I enjoyed looking through all of those pictures and memories.

Speaking of memories, let’s get back to DIY. I was looking around the house at all of the projects I’ve done. I’m still unpacking a few boxes from our move this past summer (mostly photos and decorations) and I happened upon some of my projects. I think my favorite being the shelf I constructed. It looks lovely in our bedroom!



A nice coat of black paint and it serves as a stylish headboard piece.



I also enjoy taking once beautiful furniture pieces down to the grain and restoring them for other useful needs in my own home.

I don’t ever remember to take a “before” photo so you will have to imagine from the outcome. Here’s a china hutch that I refurbished into storage for my stamp sets. It’s perfect! Here’s the blog post on that project: Refurbish your Storage Space!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.12.03 PM

Ah well, that’s a recap of the items I began with in my DIY endeavors. I’ve got a few more projects that I’ve been working on so stay tuned!



They’re all in the tin now!

Last night was fun!

The Tin of Cards class was underway last night and we all had a good time.


I enjoy the card kits as they are so easy to prepare for a group of friends. The card supplies are included, all you need is adhesives and ink.

I always forget to take photos of my events because we are having so much fun. Ah well, here’s what we made!


That’s a lot of cards! And the best thing about it is my friends are excited to refill the tin when they use up their creations.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you will remember that Tuesdays the Weekly Deal items are released. Here they are below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.05.22 AM

Tune in tomorrow for a little DIY!

Free stamps in April!

That’s right, your read that correctly! Paper Pumpkin has been going strong for 3 years and Stampin’ Up! is rewarding subscribers with a FREE stamp set in April. How cool is that!?

Speaking of cool … here’s March’s kit. I think it’s so pretty. I love the colors and springtime theme.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.53.08 PM

Ready for the video?


Just like all Paper Pumpkin kits, the FREE stamp set is a surprise.

March is a big month for Paper Pumpkin—as it’s the third birthday and they just shipped the one MILLIONTH kit! To celebrate and say thank you to our amazing Paper Pumpkin peeps, they’re sending a bonus stamp set (a $17 USD value) with every April kit. Sign up at by April 10 to get in on the fun!


Created by Phyllis

Of course, not all Paper Pumpkin kits have to be created exactly the same … here’s a sample of the kit constructed by my friend Phyllis.

Check out Paper Pumpkin’s Pinterest page to see other ways you can use your kit!

What you do when you’re 2!

I’m going to put all crafting aside today and share the fun time we had with our “little man” … the big 2-year-old kiddo!

Two years ago, Brett and I took a trip to the hospital and three days later (52 hours of labor) and a long recovery stay, we brought home our special gift.


He was so small and fragile, it’s hard to imagine now.


Photo by Ryan Ebert

He eventually grew … and grew …


Photo by Ryan Ebert

… and grew! 🙂

We celebrated with family, balloons, cake and of course, TRACTORS!


Cakes by Susie

Brett’s aunt Susie makes cakes … if you ever need a birthday, wedding, any event cake then she’s your gal. They look awesome and taste great, too!


We have dueling tractor opinions with the grandpas …


I think Riley approved! He sure was shoveling it all in … yummy!


It’s so nice be surrounded by family … and cows!