What you do when you’re 2!

I’m going to put all crafting aside today and share the fun time we had with our “little man” … the big 2-year-old kiddo!

Two years ago, Brett and I took a trip to the hospital and three days later (52 hours of labor) and a long recovery stay, we brought home our special gift.


He was so small and fragile, it’s hard to imagine now.


Photo by Ryan Ebert

He eventually grew … and grew …


Photo by Ryan Ebert

… and grew! 🙂

We celebrated with family, balloons, cake and of course, TRACTORS!


Cakes by Susie

Brett’s aunt Susie makes cakes … if you ever need a birthday, wedding, any event cake then she’s your gal. They look awesome and taste great, too!


We have dueling tractor opinions with the grandpas …


I think Riley approved! He sure was shoveling it all in … yummy!


It’s so nice be surrounded by family … and cows!



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