DIY … Did it Ya’ll

I love DIY projects. I enjoy the “do it yourself” attitude, the feeling you get once you’ve accomplished something you wouldn’t otherwise be expected to do. I call that kind of DIY … “Did it Ya’ll.” đŸ˜‰

There’s been many projects that once I begin, I start thinking to myself, what in the world am I doing!? However, after the power of researching online with fellow bloggers and visiting my neighborhood Lowe’s and Home Depot for a quick chat, I usually come out on top. Of course, with a little guy always in tow, it takes me a bit longer to complete a project.


Lillian Hood

I’ve always been more of a crafting-type person. Memory keeping and card making comes easier to me. If you are ever visiting us stop and take a look at my scrapbooks, they are quite fun to look through, not only for the old pictures, but the page layouts. I think I became interested in memory keeping from my grandmother (left). She kept a large library of memory albums in what we dubbed the “picture room.” Not only did she keep albums, but the “picture room” was filled with framed photo upon photo, carefully laid out in a meticulous fashion in a large array of bookshelves. She was always careful to have all of her family included … each of us, siblings, grandkids, cousins, great grandkids had an album designated to accomplishments, baptisms, birthday parties, outside fun, and so forth. If you are familiar to memory keeping, you will know from experience that it takes some time to gather all of the photos and create layouts. There was no level of “tools” we use today, back then … if only there was Project Life supplies, sigh! So, as you can tell, I enjoyed looking through all of those pictures and memories.

Speaking of memories, let’s get back to DIY. I was looking around the house at all of the projects I’ve done. I’m still unpacking a few boxes from our move this past summer (mostly photos and decorations) and I happened upon some of my projects. I think my favorite being the shelf I constructed. It looks lovely in our bedroom!



A nice coat of black paint and it serves as a stylish headboard piece.



I also enjoy taking once beautiful furniture pieces down to the grain and restoring them for other useful needs in my own home.

I don’t ever remember to take a “before” photo so you will have to imagine from the outcome. Here’s a china hutch that I refurbished into storage for my stamp sets. It’s perfect! Here’s the blog post on that project: Refurbish your Storage Space!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.12.03 PM

Ah well, that’s a recap of the items I began with in my DIY endeavors. I’ve got a few more projects that I’ve been working on so stay tuned!




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