The day of the cross

Good Friday to you and your family.

When you hear the words “Good Friday” what first comes to mind? For me, it’s the cross. A day of sadness and sorrow, but also happiness and hope. The cross or crucifix is a symbol of so many emotions … on this day, the Lord’s son died for us so that we could live a new life again.

If you think about it, each of us carry a cross.

Sometimes it seems and feels that we have a cross or crosses to bare that are just unavoidable. It feels and seems sometimes that regardless of what path you take, regardless of what decision you make, regardless of what you try to do, there just seems to be a cross that’s in the way.


Many of our crosses are a challenge we have to face, it’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable. Crosses are not comfortable, they were not designed to be effortless. Life crosses are not without anxiety, they are not worry free. Crosses interrupt your happiness, keeps you awake when you should be asleep, they can cause pain, they can impact your health, family and friends.

Jesus was no different. Sometimes you need a little help with your cross. Just as Simon was asked to bear the weight of Jesus’ cross, we have those in our lives who are there to help bear our burdens. This is likely what God wants, he wants us to help one another.

I’m so thankful for my family and friends, the ones who help me bear my crosses. Today is the day of the cross, the ultimate sacrifice given by our savior … let’s remember the importance of Good Friday … let’s remember who help us bear our crosses.


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