Found ’em!

Did you have a good Easter? We did!

After church, we went to my parents’ house and ate until we were about to pop.

We went with my family to church … it was fun to see my niece in her Easter outfit!



Here we are with the little guy. He was really very excited to wear his new suit … and he looked adorable, but I’m a biased mom. šŸ˜‰




As you gathered, we dyed Easter eggs … Riley had a blast. He put his whole hand in the cups. It was interesting to see what he was going to think of the eggs in the food coloring.



He seemed to enjoy himself very much! I think he liked dropping the eggs in the colorful water.


After we finished the eggs, we set out to hide them outside. Since the little guy isn’t used to the whole concept of Easter egg hunting, we decided to place them places he would obviously see them … like the tractor tires and steps. HA!


He did a pretty good job finding them, however, each one he found he had to crack.


Then we got bored and he decided to rake them all.


Ah well, here’s what’s left of the great hunt. At least he (and we) had fun!


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