New life, babies galore!

You wouldn’t know it with the cold weather that seems to never end, but since the flowers all have to take cover, I am enjoying the new life around the farm.

The peeps are here … Hannah (my sister) finally got her chickens. They are very cute!

What a cute little nugget (hehe … pun intended).

Little man was impressed, and to my surprise he scooped one right up and set it on the lid next to him. They stared at each other in amazement.


There’s new life all over the farm. We are typically a “dairy cow” bunch, but lately there’s been a few other animals included at the barn.



Do you see the new baby calf?

It was born this week and there’s more babies to come.





Stampin’ Up! is birthing a new idea … the Weekly Deals page is being converted to a new savings plan called Special Offers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.57.18 AM

A note from corporate: “Weekly Deals began to help reduce overstocked inventory. As we’ve reduced excess inventory, the variety of products available for Weekly Deals has decreased, making the deals less exciting, so we’re replacing Weekly Deals with a less frequent but better promotion called Special Offers. These Special Offers will occur every few months as inventory allows (the goal is still to reduce overstocked inventory) with more products and discount tiers than Weekly Deals (offers may vary per market). The last sets of Weekly Deals will be April 5-18.”

Don’t miss out on the last two weeks of deals!

Check back for more updates and happenings in our world of farming and crafting.




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