All dogs go to heaven!

I believe it! After crossing the rainbow bridge, right into heaven! 

After all, why wouldn’t “man’s best friend” be invited? I mean, these animals are always so loyal even under the hardest of circumstances.

Say hello to my pup, Duncan

I’ve had two friends lose their best buds over the timeframe of a year. It’s so sad to see these pups go, but they all lived long and happy lives. 

One family lost two pugs to old age. This, I’m sure, was quite difficult. I’m so glad my friend was able to give another puppy (The Bumble) a loving home! You may have noticed my blog post about him. šŸ™‚

The Bumble


The other, and most recent of these losses is Mr. Spencer. Many of you had the pleasure of meeting him at my upline’s card parties and events and/or heard about him when we puppy sat. He got along well with our Duncan.

Spencer the party pup

Spencer was literally a real party animal. He would welcome guests with his loud Beagle howl and demand they say hello before passing into the door.


It will be different when I go to visit next. Although, I’m sure he’s having the best time romping around in heaven.


We who are left behind continue to miss our friends, but feel fulfilled by the time we had together. It makes us better people … and pets.

Duncan and Cody


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