Is your dad a pirate?

If he was a pirate … just think how cool that could be!!

I have the best Father’s Day card ever! 🙂 I first grabbed the new By the Shore desinger series paper and thought to myself, yep, pirate … way cool.



However, the more I looked at the card I can see a show choir man. Did you see I broke out the retired mustache framelit? Oh no she didn’t … oh snap, oh yes she did! 😉

Your dad could be Mr. Peanut, just add a spectacle and a cane.

Or add a tie instead of a bow and he could be a sailor.

Your dad could be your mom, too. If you’ve never known him … or he wasn’t around.

This man you call dad could be the guy who walked you down the asile … or patted you on the back when you had your own kids.

Your dad could be the guy who took you fishing or out for some one-on-one time.



Dads could be farmers who their kids and grandkids look to with amazement.


Dads come in all forms and should be celebrated this Father’s Day weekend. Have you got that special gift for your dad yet?

Hurry into Moxley’s Wooden Bowls and Handcrafted gifts at 305 Main Street, Mt. Airy, this Thursay – Saturday to shop for your gift and grab one of these awesome cards before it’s too late!

Happy Father’s Day weekend!





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