Tractor nuts!

My father-in-law has a name for how crazy-much little man is for any kind of tractor, “tractor nuts!”

The first thing he does when we get to the barn is run for the other end of the cow barn, out the door and off to the shed where the tractors “sleep.” 

He usually suckers his grandfather into getting a tractor ride (closed cab, after all safety first!) before heading into the house for supper.

The same goes for my dad’s tractors, too. Down to the barn he goes … “Up on tractor!” 

Red or green, it doesn’t much matter as long as it has wheels. However, I seem to think he enjoys Memaw’s Ford tractor the most since it’s just his size.

Here’s the card little man and I made for Father’s Day, one in each color for each grandpa!

Thanks to Shawny for the great idea, I used different punches to make this design. 

What have you made out of your punches?


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