Keep on truckin’

I keep hearing that coloring is very therapeutic. It’s one of those things that keeps people going down the sanity path … haha! I guess that’s why I enjoy crafting so much. 

I used the Country Livin’ stamp set this time.

It took me a little longer to do than my average card design, but I enjoy the watercolors mixed with stamping and I believe they turned out quite well.


The orange was my last card and happens to be my favorite. I did a little more shading on it.


I like giving objects definition as it really brings the stamp to life. 

This turquoise truck reminds me of an old classic. 

Red is a very rustic color and so I added a little of the tan baker’s twine to “tie in” the theme.

I just enjoy dual-purpose cards for men and women to enjoy, don’t you?

Which card is your favorite?


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