I said NO!

I said no, twice in fact.

I politely staved off the obvious question that I knew was coming. Not that I hadn’t ever considered it, but still yet, my list of reasons built up in my head … I don’t have the time, I don’t have good ideas, I can’t consider this valuable … the list went on and on. As a matter of fact, I had always felt that “the question” was annoying. If I was ready, I would ask questions and inquire … later.

I always look back at that moment and think to myself, what if I had said “yes” the first time. How far along would I be now? What did I miss? And then the worst one of all … what made me convince myself that I didn’t have it in me!?

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.21.03 PM

That was the part that really ate at me inside. I’ve never been a person to say “no” easily. In fact, I have that genetic disorder (not really a genetic disorder) to please people and never say “no” to offer a helpful hand the first time, even if it is painfully inconvenient for me at the moment. Somehow I usually get roped into a task. Most of them I’ve ended up enjoying …  I’m still working on it, but I’ve learned to set my boundaries as I’ve grown and had a kid, while focusing on the activities that I truly take joy in.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 5.05.49 PM

So for me, saying “no” to a new endeavor isn’t something that I tend to trend on. Why did I think I couldn’t do something that made me happy? Maybe it was because it was specifically “for me” and I felt guilty having something of my own. Maybe it was one of those things that usually gets put on the “back burner”and I didn’t feel like it would amount to anything. Maybe I thought I wasn’t personable enough to other people. Maybe I thought I would fail.


There’s so many reasons we as people get beat down … most of it is in our own minds, some come from others. I tell you what though, if you have a person(s) in your life who say they feel like you are good at something or are a cheerleader for your prouder moments … run with them, don’t ever let them slip through the cracks! We all need friends, the ones that make you feel like sometimes your own needs matter to you first, they can usually understand the greater picture.

What am I talking about? Well, for me it was the demonstrator opportunity with Stampin’ Up! What did I really have to lose? I enjoy being creative, having friends who do the same, and also having the newest crafting products at my fingertips.

Just hear me out, because honestly just like I have that genetic disorder of pleasing people … I also have that “don’t ask for anything from others” ailment that makes me feel like I’m bothering others.

Well folks, I jumped … I took the opportunity to do something for me that I tend to enjoy. It has even become something I STILL enjoy!


I like that quote! Even the crankiest, most uninterested people generally know what I’m up to with my business, and it feels great! This endeavor has grown from doing scrapbooking and card making in my basement by myself to adding friends who enjoy crafting retreats AND getting to sell my card designs in a real store.

I had NO INTENTIONS of doing this as a career. I solely joined up for the savings on crafting supplies, which is what I hear how most new demonstrators approach it. I think that through my “Adopt a Nursing Home Resident” fundraiser (I will tell you more about that this November, so stay tuned) most folks have been willing to help and then have shown enough interest to get me going.


I’m going to ask the question … Have you ever considered that YOU CAN do this, too?

Not sure about making a living off of it quite yet, but wanting to save tremendously on craft supplies that you already use? Let me be honest, if you don’t want this, I don’t want you. Sounds harsh? I’m looking for two types of people: 1) interested in saving money on good quality products or 2) maintaining their creativity as a business, or both. Anything other than that, I’m happy to be your demonstrator!


Here’s what’s in store of you if you want to accept this journey with me:

With the flexible Starter Kit, you can customize your creativity your way. Each kit contains a business supplies pack (valued at $50 USD/$70 CAD) things that every demonstrator needs to start their business. After that, the choice is yours to put together a kit with any of our high-quality products. You can choose $125 USD/$165 CAD worth of any traditional supplies to create a kit valued at over $190 USD /$225 CAD for only $99 that still ships for free! Let me repeat …

The signup process is easy. Starter kits are a doable $99, and you can reduce that price with Stampin’ Rewards from a home party. Plus, you can completely customize them to suit your individual needs and taste. You get to choose what products you want to start with and what type of business supplies you want. Then we’ll ship the kit right to your door.


Join me today!

So, I said NO … but I wished I had said YES to this opportunity sooner. 😉


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