OnStage 2016 in the books!

I came back from OnStage in Madison, Wisconsin, a very pleased demonstrator. The new Occasions Catalog is full of fun and inspiring creations for crafters of all stages.

I began on the journey with my swaps in tow. Gingerbread men and the sweater embossing folder on top of cards.


Waiting for my plane to arrive, I taped and stuck away! Aren’t they adorable?


I was so taken-back by the lack of a little person at my coat-tails that I fancied a gingerbread man out of the swap box and named him “Gingi” … here he is, looking out the window. You can’t catch us, we’re on our way to OnStage 2016. 😉


Upon arrival, we were given one of these sweet bags with a ton of loot inside.


The tables were decked out with the same theme and we were all set to party on!


My Super Awesome Stamper upline Shirley Merker was there with me and she also awarded her downline with paper and doilies! Thank you!!


The day was filled with demonstrations, new product debuts and most importantly, make-n-takes! Doesn’t everyone love a good make-n-take!? So many Big Shots lined the tables for these fun creations.


Tomorrow, tomorrow … is when I can share more with you … are you excited?

Ever went to a blog hop? My upline’s blog is next. Click the link below to be directed to her experiences at OnStage 2016 and then back again!



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