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Summer is finally here in the great state of Maryland and that means people find all sorts of ways to have fun. One the farm, we have many tourists float over the fields in balloons, planes and helicopters. Here’s an image I captured of a hot air balloon between our silos.
Vacation days are fun, while I don’t enjoy sunburns, I do love watching the busy-ways of a shoreline. L.A., California.
The cross is a symbol of hope and sacrifice. I love the angle of the windows in this image.



Nothing prettier than an old red barn. I love the cracks and chipped paint giving the structure some character. Rustic beauty!


Monkey see, monkey do.

Kids are always mimicking what they hear and see. It’s no surprise what little man hears and sees, he has to do it, too.

I snapped this photo of him and his Pap-Pap feeding cows in the barn. Of course, a little boy can’t pass up a mud puddle when he sees one. Pap-Pap looks on, keeping a close eye on him.



Fall is upon us. I love the harvest season! Pretty colors and the transition from green to browns and earthy tones. The sun begins to set a little earlier now, but that doesn’t keep me from capturing photos like these … I love the sunbursts.






Memorial Day weekend always means remembering those who sacrificed the ultimate gift for our freedom. We enjoy spending time with our family each year in Roan Mountain, Tenn.


Sunshine, flowers and … water. 🙂
My girlfriends and I took a trip to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wis., to look at the pretty blooms. We soon found a fountain that was just tall enough for the little ones to cool off and splash around.


We recently took a vacation to some Florida Beaches and I tried my hand at some birding photography. Here’s some of my favorite shots of the day.


Images look familiar?

Many of the images found on my blog are taken by yours truly! After years of photographing animals for magazine publications, I have enjoyed heightening my “habit” for photography with practice and professional instruction.


While I build on these skills, please enjoy, for your viewing pleasure. 😉

Images taken at Pope Farms in Middleton, Wis.



All images Copyrighted A. Haines